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Hello! Fwd: is a linkletter of five weekly designthings I'll email you every Wednesday. It's projects, articles, resources, and other weird/nice/cool things to keep you inspired. Interested? It's super easy to sign up:

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  1. An inspiring interview:
    The truly great interview series, The Great Discontent, is back! Earlier this month the site shared its first piece of new content in more than a year: a conversation with Zykera Tucker, a young community-minded creative based in southeast Washington, DC
  2. A sunny symbol:
    Check out the 2020 Sundance Film Festival identity from Studio Lowrie. Simple sunburst shapes make a very smart system for the event. Rotating slowly on that rust-colored background? Way too good.
  3. A creative collection:
    There's no shortage of inspiration and ideas in this Best of 2019 Editorial Illustration list from The New York Times.
  4. A smiley solution:
    Ok, it seems like all marijuana-related projects are pretty cool and well-done these days, and that's fine; but I think Lobster Phone's identity for Good News is particularly clever and effective.
  5. A possible purchase:
    Krista Perry is an illustrator whose products are friendly, groovy, and very charming. They make me feel optimistic about sunnier days ahead.