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The current five ▾

  1. A minimal mark:
    This super simple Rice Architecture logo and branding by the Original Champions of Design shows smart ideas and so much restraint.
  2. A moving map:
    The New York Times created this dynamic presentation of the New York City Subway Map and it's a pretty slick way to learn about the design history. Lol at the slivers of "beach" that somebody missed back in 1998.
  3. An astute article:
    I think that this write-up by Michal Malewicz, titled What’s the next UI design trend?, is really thoughtful and smart as heck. Definitely worth a read.
  4. A possible purchase:
    Cast Iron Design has an online shop where they sell a real cute little 4-pack of mini prints. Maybe this is a nice gift for someone...
  5. A gentle gem:
    Enjoy the softest disco design stylings in this music video for Tenderness by Jay Som.