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Hello! Fwd: is a linkletter of five weekly designthings I'll email you every Wednesday. It's projects, articles, resources, and other weird/nice/cool things to keep you inspired. Interested? It's super easy to sign up:

The current five ▾

  1. A design digest:
    Dark Ages of the Web by Pavel Laptev is a delightful and interactive scroll that walks through the early methods and trends of website design and development. I think it's important to take a moment to respect the absolutely iconic Web 2.0 Tag Cloud.
  2. A strong style:
    Lebassis is the work of Leandro Assis. It's consistently bright, fun, and focused on black culture, gender topics, and LGBTQ+ rights. The sticker sheet illustrations are so perfect.
  3. A pointed project:
    Classmate Studio, from Budapest, designed an eye-catching and engaging arrow-driven identity for the Hungarian city of Debrecen. The city is hoping to be crowned the European Cultural Capital in 2023, and I hope this design helps get them there!
  4. A Latinx look-up:
    "Latinx Design Directory is an open directory of Latina/Latino/Latinx designers and technologists, with ongoing editorial features of talent spotlights, created in an effort to highlight our community." This rules.
  5. A possible purchase:
    With this super clever mirrored Stock Photo Pin, the world is your annoyingly watermarked placeholder image.