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Hello! Fwd: is a linkletter of five weekly designthings I'll email you every Wednesday. It's projects, articles, resources, and other weird/nice/cool things to keep you inspired. Interested? It's super easy to sign up:

The current five ▾

  1. A nice newness:
    The incredible, incomparable It's Nice That has been given a lovely refresh and redesign. The wonky headline type, the lightest-touch colorblocks, and a better search function for their 25,000+ articles are all excellent enhancements to an already excellent site.
  2. A real resource:
    The Fuzzco crew recently launched the Pretend Foundry and the fonts for sale all focus on experimentation, learning, and growth.
  3. A precious process:
    Enjoy this short and sweet Twitter thread where New York Times' print planning editor Josh Crutchmer walks us through the process of designing the front page layout.
  4. A sunny series:
    Amsterdam-based B.D. Graft has been creating an on-going set of images called Add Yellow that I'm particularly grateful for in the middle of this Minnesota winter.
  5. A solid site:
    Here and Now is "an atlas of Moscow creative studios" and a really neat website to scroll through. The gradient-y dot grid is especially interesting.