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  1. A delivery development:
    Food delivery has been getting a lot of attention lately (should we be doing it? can it be contactless? is 25% a good enough tip?) and several parts of the process have been revisited and redesigned. It's interesting to think about the design decisions that Jam3 made for their introduction of the Serve delivery robot for Postmates. Happy eyes, nothing too tech-y, and talking about "community" are choices and tools that will hopefully convey the message they want.
  2. A beer breakdown:
    The CODO Design crew are experts in craft beer branding and packaging, and their deep-dive into 2020 Beer Branding Trends is a really good read.
  3. A devilish detail:
    Bobby Solomon pointed out some annoying points on the (otherwise totally decent) Sun-Maid raisins redesign. Her name is Lorraine and she deserves better!
  4. A perfect place:
    How nice does "going to a bookstore" sound right now? Dang. All of the work that Switch did for Commonplace Books in Oklahoma City is wonderful and I'd like to spend the day there.
  5. A possible purchase:
    Hola Lou recently launched her new 'Here' collection. "A collection of balanced abstracts that intends to bring color, balance and positive energy to any room. A personal project that gained purpose during lockdown."