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Hello! Fwd: is a linkletter of five weekly designthings I'll email you every Wednesday. It's projects, articles, resources, and other weird/nice/cool things to keep you inspired. Interested? It's super easy to sign up:

The current five ▾

  1. An attractive alphabet:
    The identity that John&Jane designed for The Two Anchors is solid all around, but the hand-stamped typeface is the absolute best part of the project. It makes even the would-be-disappointing-to-see "Sold Out" sign so nice to look at!
  2. A promising program:
    Do people know about Artboard Studio? It makes it easy to "showcase your design with an ever-growing library of mockup items, easily in your browser" and seems incredibly useful.
  3. A valuable video:
    A lot of designers talk about improving the business side of their careers and DKNG's newest Skillshare video, Productivity for Designers: 11 Tips to Revamp Your Workflow, seems like it's packed with insightful ideas.
  4. A smart shape:
    Houst is a professional hosting service that makes it easier for people to rent out their homes. I do not like the neon yellow. One thing I do like though is that Ragged Edge studio created a bunch of shapes and content frames based on the floor plans of different buildings and homes, which I think is a very clever solution.
  5. A good group:
    Drew Lakin is an illustrator in Portland, OR who draws dogs and I love them all.