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Hello! Fwd: is a linkletter of five weekly designthings I'll email you every Wednesday. It's projects, articles, resources, and other weird/nice/cool things to keep you inspired. Interested? It's super easy to sign up:

The current five ▾

  1. A puppet protocol:
    It's Nice That tweeted about something great they learned at the AdobeMAX event yesterday: Turns out Elmo and the Cookie Monster have actual brand guidelines! I love that the Elmo Eye Diagram exists.
  2. A smart solution:
    When Host Home needed a logo that reflected their eclectic collection of home furnishings, Studio NinetyOne delivered. Four unique letterforms are used to make a nicely mismatched wordmark that's both flexible and distinct.
  3. A print project:
    California-based Hybrid Design created an issue of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly publication and it's the best. Seems like there's a lot happening in it... but it's bright and playful and probably a total joy to flip through.
  4. A phenomenal photographer:
    The images in photographer Scott Snyder's portfolio are polished and product-focused, but never sterile. His style seems to be colorful, composed, and always charming.
  5. A terrific typeface:
    Oh, dang, have you looked at Simula by Sharp Type? It's lovely; that lowercase "a" in particular.